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About us

"Excellence in life requires excellent coffee breaks!"

Operators Coffee Club was founded to meet the need for great coffee both at home on the base in Denmark and when "out of office" on international deployments, as expressed to us by our former colleagues, the Operators serving at the Royal Danish Special Operations Forces.
Coffee seems to taste its very best when you know inside that you truly have deserved the hot liquid gold in the cup you hold in your hands. It’s also known as the “OCC Moment”.
Our mission is to enable “Unplugged coffee" anywhere and anytime to all Operators by providing original Italian espresso coffee and great gear that enables you to create your own OCC Moments.
We support initiatives, ideas and programs that enrich the lives of veteran Operators with 1% of our turnover or 10% of our profit (depending on which amount is the largest). 
The OCC coffee blends and our OCC proprietary products are developed for the Royal Danish Special Operations Forces.

We support the following Veteran Associations:

DIF Soldaterprojekt (The National Olympic Committee & Sports Confederation of Denmark "Soldier Project")
Link: DIF Soldaterprojekt

General information:

Legal name: Operators Coffee Club ApS
Operators Coffee Club® and the King Skull "Badass Joe"® logo are registred trademarks
Type of company: Private limited company (ApS)
VAT number: DK38776959
NATO Commercial And Government Entity Code (NCAGE): R8586
Established: 2017
HQ address: Cortesvej 7, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark.
Official email address: CustomerService@OperatorsCoffee.Club
Official web address:
Phone number: +45 40 46 28 48