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Operators Gear

“Nothing beats the taste of a freshly brewed cup of espresso!”

Traditionally operators would bring hot coffee with him/her in a thermos or mixe hot water with instant coffee in a cup when they needed to maintain their “Caffeine Index” on the go. We all know that coffee in a thermos will become lukewarm and bitter-tasting and eventually become undrinkable. Nothing is worse than hot coffee that has turned cold and bitter. To take care of the Operators need for freshly brewed espresso coffee drinks, the handheld Nanopresso and the automatic Nowpresso machines has been sourced to provide great freshly brewed espresso on demand.

Here you will find everything you need in your coffee toolkit to become a great outdoor barista: world-class portable coffee gear that enables you to brew unplugged coffee anywhere and anytime for you and your team of Operators. You will also find great electric coffee machines for your coffee station at the base or at the office.


Picture of The Tube

The Tube

We designed the "The Tube" so coffee lovers can carry their coffee capsules safely in their backpack when they are on great adventures. Save money and get this great product by supporting our current campaign at Kickstarter!(see link below)
NOK 259.00
Picture of Nanopresso Espresso Machine

Nanopresso Espresso Machine

The Nanopresso is packed with new features and capabilities which will drastically improve the way you prepare your favorite gourmet coffee on the go. Nanopresso is one of the best and most versatile handheld espresso machines currently available. A truly unique addition to your coffee toolkit!
NOK 781.00
Picture of Nanopresso Capsules Adapter

Nanopresso Capsules Adapter

The Nanopresso Capsules Adapter allows you to use your Nanopresso together with our C4 and HALO small size capsules.
NOK 259.00
Picture of Nanopresso Barista Kit

Nanopresso Barista Kit

The Barista Kit is a full set of accessories packed in a small container. It expands the Nanopresso capabilities by giving you the possibility to prepare double espresso (16 grams of ground coffee) up to 120ml.
NOK 390.00
Picture of Nanopresso  Zipper Case Medium

Nanopresso Zipper Case Medium

Nanopresso Zipper Case Medium is made of durable EVA material and soft fabric interior lining. It is specially designed to fit around the Nanopresso with adapter ring (NS Adapter ring or double espresso adapter ring).
NOK 324.00
Picture of Lock & Load

Lock & Load

The Lock & Load combo is the answer to you need for great coffee when using our C4 and HALO coffee capsules. With Lock & Load in your backpack you don't have to carry a bag of coffee beans and a grinder to make the perfect espresso on the go. The Lock & Load combo contains one Nanopresso and one Nanopresso Capsules Adaptor.
NOK 1040.00
Picture of The Pilgrim Coffee Kit

The Pilgrim Coffee Kit

We created this kit for the modern day Pilgrim who enjoys hiking and loves the outdoor life. When you bring Italian Gourmet coffee with you on your walks you will experience a boost in your thoughts and reach your inner greatness and spirit. Your coffee break will be excellent when you share some Licorice Almonds with a good friend.
NOK 1263.00
Picture of Coffee Break Kit

Coffee Break Kit

The Coffee Break Kit is the perfect gift for an Operator you know and is everything she/he needs on the packing list for a great adventure if she/he also plans to succeed in his role as outdoor barista. The Coffee Break Kit contains one Nanopresso, one Nanopresso Capsules Adaptor, 2x10 C4 & HALO capsules, 3 bags of Licorice Ammo and a King Skull Badge.
NOK 1237.00
Picture of Coffee Angels Kit

Coffee Angels Kit

You already have a Nanopresso and have perfected your brewing with fine ground coffee. Now its time to go big with double espresso's and also enjoy the easiness of brewing with coffee capsules. The Coffee Angels Kit contains one Barista Kit and one Capsules Adaptor.
NOK 649.00
Picture of P for Plenty

P for Plenty

Sometimes a single espresso just isn't enough to keep you going. With the P for Plenty set you can easily brew a double espresso and americano for you and your buddy. The P for Plenty set contains one Nanopresso and one Barista Kit.
NOK 1170.00
Picture of King of Coffee

King of Coffee

The King of Coffee set is for the ultimate coffee lover who just can't get enough great coffee on the go. With the King of Coffee set you can be a true outdoor barista and brew anything from espresso, double espresso and americano to please the need for a great cup of coffee. The King of Coffee set contains one Nanopresso, one Barista Kit and one Capsules Adaptor.
NOK 1429.00
Picture of OCC Flexy Automatic Coffee Machine

OCC Flexy Automatic Coffee Machine

OCC Flexy is a gem with a compact dimension of just 12 cm in width, and the perfect coffee machine for your office and home.
NOK 1302.00
Picture of Cleaning Kit, 12 Month

Cleaning Kit, 12 Month

The Cleaning Kit includes all you need to maintain your OCC Flexy coffee machine in perfect condition for 12 Month.
NOK 194.00
Picture of Startup Company Coffee Combo

Startup Company Coffee Combo

You need great coffee to fuel great ideas! With this combo you get The OCC Flexy and 10 boxes (100 pcs.) of Original Italian Danesi Coffee capsules that will allow you to enjoy gourmet Italian Espresso and power up your entrepreneurial venture. To keep your coffee tasting great with each cup and the Flexy running smoothly we have included the OCC Cleaning Kit
NOK 2084.00
Picture of The Night Manager Coffee Combo

The Night Manager Coffee Combo

You and your team deserves great coffee to keep you awake and alert during long hours when you are on the night shift! With this combo you get The OCC Flexy and 2 cartons (2 x 200 pcs.) of our original Italian C4 and/or HALO coffee capsules that will allow you to deal with any situation that demands decisive action. To keep your coffee tasting great with each cup and the Flexy running smoothly we have included our OCC Cleaning Kit.
NOK 2865.00
Picture of La Cimbali Coffee Machines

La Cimbali Coffee Machines

La Cimbali coffee machines provides elegance, reliability, and high performance. We believe La Cimbali represents the finest tradition of Italian espresso coffee making and offer their high end coffee machines to coffee loving Operators who are searching for a full automatic or traditional coffee machine that is second to none.
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Picture of King Skull "Badass Joe" badge

King Skull "Badass Joe" badge

By wearing our King Skull Badge, you accept the responsibility of being a coffee loving Operator and a way of life.
NOK 64.00
Picture of Nowpresso Portable Espresso Machine

Nowpresso Portable Espresso Machine

The NowPresso is the worlds first and only cordless portable espresso machine that can boil water, be powered by a removable lithium battery, operate from one button and automatically pump as well as pour your coffee straight into the detachable drinking cup.
NOK 2214.00
Picture of King Skull "Badass Joe" Mug

King Skull "Badass Joe" Mug

This 355 ml stainless steel mug made by Klean Kanteen USA will keep the hot water for your Nanopresso or Nowpresso warm for 8 hours.
NOK 390.00
Picture of Gift Card for your best Buddy

Gift Card for your best Buddy

The perfect gift for a coffee loving good friend. You can also use the gift card as an easy way to secure access to "prepaid coffee" for your fellow operators in your unit or your colleagues at work and everyone in your family.

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