Carimali is a privately owned Group of companies devoted to the production and sales of beverage equipment. Their production comprehends a wide range of fully and semi-automatic coffee machines, together with a number of related accessories.

The group headquarters are based in Bergamo, Italy, where the main production factory is located on a surface area of 20.000 smq. A second production unit is based in Suzhou, China, and also serves as distribution hub into the area for Carimali Italian-made machines. They are committed to an ethical behaviour in all business domains, trying to stand out as an example when compared to other, results driven companies.

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Billede af Operators Coffee Machines, by Carimali

Operators Coffee Machines, by Carimali

Operators coffee machines by Italian Carimali has a unique adaptable machine configuration that allows for wide variety of beverages. The machines offers a flexible menu at affordable prices.
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