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"Excellence in life - requires excellent coffee breaks!"

Operators Coffee Club was founded in 2017 by two best buddies to accommodate the need for great coffee breaks experienced by coffee loving Operators when they were "out of office" on adventures or on the go. The OCC coffee blends and our OCC proprietary products are developed for all coffee loving Operators.

Coffee seems to taste its very best when you know inside that you truly have deserved the hot liquid gold in the cup you hold in your hands. It’s also known by Operators as the “OCC Moment”. Our mission is to enable “Unplugged espresso" anywhere and anytime to all Operators by providing original Italian espresso coffee and great gear that enables you to create your own OCC Moments.

Travel coffee makers & Italian Espresso

In our shop, you will find everything you need for your "Every Day Coffee" toolkit to become a great outdoor barista: original Italian espresso coffee at your fingertips and great travel coffee makers by Wacaco. Everything we sell has been tested by Operators under extreme conditions around the world - if we sell it you know it works! We specialize in providing you with the tools to enjoy your active lifestyle by providing Italian gourmet coffee from: freshly roasted beans, fine grind, easy to use cold brew pods and coffee capsules.

Outdoor, Home, and Office Barista Gear

We believe the real magic of coffee appears when you mix the fresh coffee grind with pressurized hot water and it transforms itself into liquid gold with a thick rich crema in your cup. We carry the Nanopresso, the most compact hand-operated espresso travel coffee maker in the world. Boil the water for your coffee in a Jetboil or bring the hot water with you in the Klean Kanteen products we also carry in our shop. For brewing great coffee at home you will find the high-end Italian espresso machines from Izzo MyWay. The best in class Fiorenzato Nano grinder will grind your beans to perfect and consistent grind size. On a hot summer day you can serve natures own energydrink: chilled and nitro infused coldbrew coffee or cold brew tea from one of our Nitro Cold Brew dispensers from Brood Refreshments Canada.

The perfect partner for a cup of hot coffee is a tasty piece of chocolate. Which is why we have developed the “Licorice Ammo” together with Aalborg Chokoladen.To keep you going, and extend your reach, we are co-developing gourmet meals and snack kit's together with Loegismose's innovative team of Michelin star chefs. You probably already understand that keeping your gear in good condition depends on maintaining it regularly. This same principle applies to your own body as well. Therefore we have developed second to none Operators Skincare products together with Dermapharm, smartly packed so it can be in your backpack and follow you on your adventures. When you operate on the edge of known territory you will sometimes encounter a need for gear that is not yet available. To take care of this frustration we design, develop, and test our own innovative products at our "Operators Concepts Division".

At Operators Coffee Club you will also find world-class Italian Barazza Caffé, Danesi Caffé and Izzo Caffé. We distrubute the original espresso roasted in the Italian style. Bazzara Caffé, founded in Trieste in 1966 is a guarantee for fresh coffee, from lots selected from the best coffee areas in the world and roasted to perfection at the time of order. Respecting tradition, they combine a modern and careful design image. Danesi Caffé, founded in 1905 in Rome, is renowned for their freshly roasted Italian espresso coffee blends. Never has coffee had such a perfect balance between taste, aroma and body, made with a century-old roasting tradition.

Support our mission! 

We support initiatives, ideas and programs that enrich the lives of veteran Operators!

Thats why we support The Engage Festival in Copenhagen, Soldier Project run by The National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation of Denmark, Veterans project Greenland, Veterankortet.dk, the Danish Royal Guards Veterans Association and "Thin Blue Line Denmark" great work with members of the Danish Police Force. When you buy our products, you support our veterans. For additional info please visit: Engage Festival Copenhagen,  DIF Soldier Project , Veteran Project Greenland,  ,Veterankortet.dk , Veterans In Motion , Royal Guards Association and Thin Blue Line Denmark.

In partnership with BKI Professional we offer a complete office solution and your favorite coffee made at the convenience of a push on a button. If your company want to support veterans maybe a coffee station solution agreement with Operators Coffee Club is what you are looking for. 

World Outdoor Barista Championship®

Operators Coffee Club are the founders of the "World Outdoor Barista Championship®", also known by coffee lovers as WOBC. The competition will be conducted as regional and national events by our coffee-loving partners around the world and the inaugural WOBC competition will be held at the Danish Outdoor Festival in Jyderup Denmark in April 2024.

World Outdoor Barista Championship

We believe coffee should be sipped in the outdoors together with your best buddy. Help us share the message, and your own great adventures, on social media by joining our community and posting great coffee break stories from your trips around the world. Use the tags: #operatorscoffeeclub, #occbadassjoe, #excellentcoffeebreak, #worldoutdoorbaristachampionship, #gourmetsnacks & #coffeeangelssing. We are curious to know more about how you: maintain your caffeine index?, prefer to enjoy your badass joe on a crisp morning?, fuel your adventures with coffee?, and find new ways to brew great coffee at the most beautiful places on earth (in the air or even in space?).


General information:

Legal name: Operators Coffee Club ApS
Operators Coffee Club logo's, the King Skull "Badass Joe" and the Viper Queen "Healing Betty" logo's are registred trademarks
We support veterans engaged in sports through our open community Operators Sports Club® and Operators Cycling Club®.
Type of company: Private limited company (ApS)
VAT number: DK38776959
UK EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) number: GB086145501000.
NATO Commercial And Government Entity Code (NCAGE): R8586
D-U-N-S® Number: 305865427
VOEC (Norway): 2045923

Established: 2017

Contact us:

HQ address: Cortesvej 7, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark.
Officiel email address: CustomerService@OperatorsCoffee.Club
Phone: +4540462848

Officiel web address: https://operatorscoffee.club/