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From the dream of an artisan from Trieste to the reality of an international coffee company.

The Bazzara Caffé journey begins in 1966, when Dionisio Bazzara decided to take over a historic Trieste roasting firm, thus setting out for an extraordinary adventure in the world of coffee. What began as a family dream has grown through three generations, earning a prominent place both in Italy and on the international scene.

They have become a landmark business in the artisan coffee art, and their commitment to creating the highest quality blends has become their distinctive signature. They proudly want to share with you that Bazzara has been mentioned by same renowned international magazines, such as National Geographic, and has been recognized as one of the 100 excellences of ltalian food by the prestigious Forbes ltalia magazine.

Bazzara Caffé are proud of their commercial presence in dozens and dozens of countries, where their selections of the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta coffee synthesize the authentic essence of Made in ltaly espresso. their roasting is a patient and precise dance, a strictly slow process that allows the coffee beans to undergo the necessary chemical changes in an accurate way, thus releasing the most refined and precious aromas.

Tasting a Bazzara Espresso means to treat oneself with the daily luxury of a break in which an orchestra of aromas will lead the mind in a journey through far and fascinating lands: in a single cup it is possible to find the hard work of a family who has been dedicating completely to coffee for three generations to offer the perfect bond between Italian tradition and artisan quality.

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Picture of Dodicigrandcru espresso coffee beans 1kg

Dodicigrandcru espresso coffee beans 1kg

This is one of the best coffee blends in the world.
Picture of Pan Americana espresso coffee beans 1kg

Pan Americana espresso coffee beans 1kg

The goodness of a blend crossing the entire American continent. From North to South America, eleven origins form an itinerary on which you’ll be guided to discover aromas and flavours capable of revealing the most authentic expression of the Continent. Walk on the traces of the ancient Pan-American route, rediscovering the passion and the scents that characterize it. Hints of exotic fruits and cocoa pulp blend with pastry notes, giving a sweet and balanced flavour to a blend unique in the world.
Picture of Pan Africana espresso coffee beans 1kg

Pan Africana espresso coffee beans 1kg

The essence of the African continent in a single blend. This 100% Arabica blend leads you to explore and rediscover all the scents and nuances of the African continent, combined in a coffee with a wild nature and an inimitable taste. Reawaken the primordial alliance between man and nature: lively citrus and vinous notes emerge from the mineral scents of the warm African lands. Rediscover all the colours of the cradle of humanity in the unmistakable taste of a blend that stands out for its uniqueness.
Picture of Pan Asiatica espresso coffee beans 1kg

Pan Asiatica espresso coffee beans 1kg

The great Asian continent condensed into the taste of an unforgettable coffee. The search for the essence of a continent in the uniqueness of a 100% Arabica blend. Travel to Asia along the ancient spice route and savour the richness and scents of the oriental tradition. The thousand faces of the Asian continent fused in a unique and balanced taste. In a syrupy body, the bold scents of the peaks of Nepal meet the fruits of the lush Indonesian forests and the enveloping peppery flavour that recalls the spices of Indian markets.
Picture of Jamaica Blue Mountain espresso coffee beans 1kg

Jamaica Blue Mountain espresso coffee beans 1kg

The most famous and precious variety of gourmet coffee in the world: cultivated on volcanic soils, its blue-green grains are preserved in oak barrels as for rum. A dreamer's coffee whose tropical passion and mineral freshness come together in liqueur and spicy whispers blended in an exotic harmony.
Picture of Bazzara Coffee Books (4 volumes)

Bazzara Coffee Books (4 volumes)

In this "all about coffee" package you will find: • 1x – The Espresso Coffee Supply Chain [2022 edition]; • 1x – Coffee Tasting [ed.2022]; • 1x – Italian Cappuccino – Latte Art; • 1x – Coffee Experts
€193.76 €174.07
Picture of Coffee Experts

Coffee Experts

"The volume offers a fascinating journey into the world of coffee, explored from various points of view and perspectives through the competent contributions of some of the leading experts in the sector. Cimbali, Lavazza, Dalla Corte, Siemens and Nuova Simonelli are just some of the names present in the volume. The book is already enjoying great success thanks to the authority and high reputation that the company enjoys in the field of specialist publishing in the sector.
Picture of Italian Cappuccino Latte Art

Italian Cappuccino Latte Art

592 pages entirely dedicated to Cappuccino, the most loved coffee-based recipe.
Picture of The Coffee Tasting

The Coffee Tasting

The history of coffee tasting, getting to know coffee, types of coffee, sustainability, and the sensory universe
Picture of The Espresso Coffee Production System

The Espresso Coffee Production System

The coffee plant, the harvesting and processing of the fruits, the long journey of green coffee in jute bags, the know-how of roasting and the golden rules for a perfect espresso.