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Blog posts of '2020' 'February'

World Outdoor Barista Championship
World Outdoor Barista Championship

Operators are often "slightly" competitive. It’s part of their DNA to always strive to do their very best in all aspects of life.

This competitive mindset expressed itself very clearly when we hosted an Operators Pop-up Coffee Club at the 2019 Outdoorfestivalen in Ry, Denmark.

As part of demonstrating our coffee and gear we saw a pattern of a "friendly competition" developing within groups of friends and families when they brewed fresh espresso on our handheld Nanopresso machine. Out of nowhere came the challenge of producing the "winning espresso" judged by the other members of the group or family and spectators.

At that precise moment the idea of creating and hosting the "World Outdoor Barista Championship" (WOBC) was born!

We have designed the WOBC as a team challenge, because we believe a great coffee break is a social event!

We hope coffee lovers in many countries will support this movement by hosting local and national championships and expand the WOBC series to coffee loving Operators all over the world!

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