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Picture of Bazzara Coffee Books (4 volumes)

Bazzara Coffee Books (4 volumes)

In this "all about coffee" package you will find: • 1x – The Espresso Coffee Supply Chain [2022 edition]; • 1x – Coffee Tasting [ed.2022]; • 1x – Italian Cappuccino – Latte Art; • 1x – Coffee Experts
€193.76 €174.07
Picture of Coffee Experts

Coffee Experts

"The volume offers a fascinating journey into the world of coffee, explored from various points of view and perspectives through the competent contributions of some of the leading experts in the sector. Cimbali, Lavazza, Dalla Corte, Siemens and Nuova Simonelli are just some of the names present in the volume. The book is already enjoying great success thanks to the authority and high reputation that the company enjoys in the field of specialist publishing in the sector.
Picture of Italian Cappuccino Latte Art

Italian Cappuccino Latte Art

592 pages entirely dedicated to Cappuccino, the most loved coffee-based recipe.
Picture of The Coffee Tasting

The Coffee Tasting

The history of coffee tasting, getting to know coffee, types of coffee, sustainability, and the sensory universe
Picture of The Espresso Coffee Production System

The Espresso Coffee Production System

The coffee plant, the harvesting and processing of the fruits, the long journey of green coffee in jute bags, the know-how of roasting and the golden rules for a perfect espresso.