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"Excellence in life - requires excellent coffee breaks"!

Original Italian Espresso is recognized throughout the world as reference for coffee culture and great taste.  As outdoor coffee-lover you should be on a continuous quest for perfecting the balance of the three essential features in your espresso: the thick and firm crema, the intense and rich aroma and the rounded full body delivered in your cup. A cup of great coffee can make you feel at home wherever you are on your adventures around the world.

Here you will find our proprietary blends of Italian gourmet coffee: C4, Double Tap and HALO in 3 different easy to use formats: Coffee capsules, whole roasted beans and fine coffee grind. Our Cold brew blend "Cool Juice" comes in easy to use cold brew pods. You will also find our "Super Six" gourmet tea blends and our Tier One category Thor's Hammer coffee and Ho-Cho hot cocoa powder mix.

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Picture of Thor's Hammer 250g original Italian espresso coffee beans

Thor's Hammer 250g original Italian espresso coffee beans

Our Thor’s Hammer roasted coffee beans provides protection, strength, and power to you and your team. According to old sagas, this blend can smash mountains, orcs, fatigue, and anything else that dares to stand in one’s way. Thor’s Hammer, Mjölnir, translates to "grinder” or “crusher”, an appellation which precisely represents our coffee blend and the contents that come forth. Thor’s Hammer coffee blend will provide extra strength, power, and stamina when one is facing the giants of the day or any other obstacle that rises to the challenge.
Picture of Double Tap, Original Italian espresso coffee beans, 1kg

Double Tap, Original Italian espresso coffee beans, 1kg

Our Double Tap blend coffee beans gives you the extra power when you need it. The OCC coffee reference is the original Italian single shot espresso - but sometimes you need more than one shot to get the job done. Our Double Tap blend will provide you with the freshly brewed two shots of espresso you need to keep going on high-alert mode.
$31.36 $23.48
Picture of Operators "The Super Six" Tea Combo

Operators "The Super Six" Tea Combo

If you just cant get enough gourmet tea "The Super Six" is the perfect combo for you and your team. You will get 6 caddies with a total of 60 pcs. gourmet tea bags and 300g bulk tea ready to get you brewing.
$98.34 $88.57
Picture of Gift Card to your Team

Gift Card to your Team

The perfect gift for all your fellow operators in your unit or your colleagues at work. You can also use the gift card as an easy way to secure access to "prepaid coffee" for everyone in your family or your best buddy.