Military Export Sales

This category has been created to service our military customers with coffee for great coffee breaks.

To setup an account with Operators and place your first order of Italian coffee and other items for your military unit in this special category please contact us at:

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Picture of Double Tap, Military Export

Double Tap, Military Export

Our Double Tap blend coffee beans gives you the extra power when you need it. The OCC coffee reference is the original Italian single shot espresso - but sometimes you need more than one shot to get the job done. Our Double Tap blend will provide you with the freshly brewed two shots of espresso you need to keep going on high-alert mode.
Picture of Operators Ho-Cho Powder Military Export

Operators Ho-Cho Powder Military Export

Our Ho-Cho is the magic powder you need to create a nice cup of steaming hot creamy chocolate drink on a cold day. Ho-Cho is a powerful rejuvenating elixir – one which boosts moral and vitality and combats stress, anxiety, fatigue, and pain.