What is an Operator ?

What is an Operator?

We believe that anyone who dedicates their life to working hard, achieving greatness, mastering skills within their field of work or sport, or has chosen to use their expert skills for the benefit of others, is a true Operator!

Operators Coffee Club is a community for coffee lovers who share a common need for “Unplugged Coffee” when they are on adventures in remote areas of the world or on the go. If you are in the search of a world-class cup of coffee, then you are a born member of Operators Coffee Club. In order to maximize your potential as an Operator, perform at optimum levels, and brew great coffee, it is crucial to adopt the philosophy of being a “lifelong learner”!

The thirst for great coffee and knowledge, combined with the never-ending quest for excellence, are the three main characteristics that fuel the actions of an Operator, and all high-achieving professionals and champions. Whatever the task or mission at hand, Operators approach it with a very positive, optimistic attitude. Operators are sure of their training and fully confident in making great coffee, no matter the size of the challenge or the situation they face.

We believe it’s important for you to know that your awareness, mindset, and approach to living the life of an Operator, is what makes YOU special!


Operators Coffee Club Creed

What you’re about to read is the creed and motto associated with Operators Coffee Club. Reading this statement will help you gain an appreciation for the ethos and spirit that is common to all coffee loving Operators.

  • I believe quality is always better than quantity
  • To produce great coffee, I require great gear
  • I will maintain my coffee and gear in an immaculate state befitting an Operator, for this is my debt to those who depend on me and my great coffee.

  • The secret ingredient in my great coffee is confidence
  • I am committed to deliver great coffee anytime and anywhere to my fellow Operators, tested by trial and examination
  • My goal is to succeed in my mission – and live to drink a lot of great coffee

  • I will forge the next generation of coffee loving Operators
  • My great coffee is an expression of the essentials of the human spirit
  • I will earn my great coffee every day!

If you live by this creed, we promise you, you will also hear the coffee angels sing!


King Skull "Badass Joe"

The OCC King Skull “Badass Joe”® is a symbol of excellent coffee worthy of kings and a testament to the meaning of life itself. By wearing the OCC King Skull badge, you accept the responsibility of being a coffee loving Operator and a way of life.

”Joe” is an American nickname for an average guy, a soldier - or coffee. Legend has it that the term "Joe" was named after the Secretary of the US Navy, Admiral Josephus “Joe” Daniels who abolished alcohol on Navy ships in 1914. Thus, coffee (the next best thing) was the beverage of choice for the sailors. The term a “Cup of Joe” was made popular as military slang for coffee by the G.I Joe soldiers in the 1930s and 1940s and during World War II. 

Today Operators all over the world use the term “Badass Joe” as slang for a great cup of our gourmet coffee.