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Operators Coffee

"Excellence in life requires excellent coffee breaks"!

Original Italian Espresso is recognized throughout the world as reference for coffee culture and great taste.  As outdoor coffee-lover you should be on a continuous quest for perfecting the balance of the three essential features in your espresso: the thick and firm crema, the intense and rich aroma and the rounded full body delivered in your cup. A cup of great coffee can make you feel at home wherever you are on your adventures around the world.

Here you will find our proprietary blends of Italian gourmet coffee in 4 different easy to use formats: Coffee capsules, fresh roasted beans, fine grind and easy to use cold brew pods.

Picture of HALO Espresso Capsules in a Box

HALO Espresso Capsules in a Box

Our HALO blend takes you to where the coffee angels sing. The scent of freshly made coffee strikes your nostrils and the taste of coffee gives you the same kick as 100% pure oxygen. You become clear-headed, while the clarity of colors and the contrasts in objects are boosted on your retinas. Now you are ready to take on all the challenges of a brand-new day.
From kr. 20,00
Picture of C4 Espresso Capsules in a Box

C4 Espresso Capsules in a Box

Our C4 blend of selected 100% Arabica beans gives you a coffee boost. When you add the “detonator” hot water to the coffee it immediately releases the great taste that will explode in your mouth when you drink it. Always remember the golden rule: “P is for Plenty”!
From kr. 20,00
Picture of C4 & HALO Espresso Capsules in a Box Tester Kit

C4 & HALO Espresso Capsules in a Box Tester Kit

Before you go all in on with a big purchase of our C4 & HALO coffee capsules, we recommend that you make sure that you and your coffee loving friends also appreciate the taste of original italian espresso.
kr. 60,00
Picture of Gift Card to your Team

Gift Card to your Team

The perfect gift for all your fellow operators in your unit or your colleagues at work. You can also use the gift card as an easy way to secure access to "prepaid coffee" for everyone in your family or your best buddy.