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Picture of King Skull "Badass Joe" Mug

King Skull "Badass Joe" Mug

This 355 ml stainless steel mug made by Klean Kanteen USA will keep the hot water for your Nanopresso or Operators Tea warm for 8 hours.
NOK 388.00 NOK 387.00
Picture of King Skull "Badass Joe" Tumbler

King Skull "Badass Joe" Tumbler

This 237 ml stainless steel tumbler made by Klean Kanteen USA is the multi-tool cup perfect for hot coffee, cold brew, tea, beer, GT, rum, whiskey, margaritas and the occasional "Crema al Caffe" iced coffee cream on a hot summer day.
NOK 323.00
Picture of Operators Coffee Football

Operators Coffee Football

The Operators Coffee Football is a "coffee shop in a suitcase" that enables you to have fresh brewed coffee within reach 24/7/365. It will also protect your precious outdoor barista gear during transportation.
NOK 9081.00